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We reader are in odd times, never before have we experienced something like this in our lives (well not in mine anyway). And within these odd times a lot of us will be working from home and if you are anything like me you will want to be moving and doing something while you wait for an email reply or the next video call. If you are reading this blog and thinking that I might clean the kitchen today, then this blog is doing its job, because as the title might suggest I’m going to give you some tips for cleaning your kitchen. Now when I say tips, I don’t mean I’m going to tell you that what your doing is wrong, we pride ourselves on knowing that everyone uses their kitchen differently and by this logic we all clean our kitchens differently; These are just simple tips I use to clean our showroom.

Worktops- Some of you might find that it’s hard to get worktops to shine. Disinfectant will do its job, but it can leave them looking dull. After you have used the disinfectant and it has dried, the best way to get the worktop to shine is warm water and dish soap. That’s right sometimes the simplest things are the best.
• What you’ll need –
– Spray bottle / bowl
– 2 clean cloths / kitchen towel
– Warm water
– Dish soap

• Method –

– In the spray bottle squeeze a small amount of dish soap (half a teaspoon)
– Add warm water to the top of the bottle. Make sure its warm not boiling.
– Give it a shake, or a mix if you are using a bowl
– Starting at one end of your kitchen spray a small amount of the water
– Taking one of the clean cloths, move in a circle motion taking it in small sections
– Take the other cloth and dry the section.
– Making sure you keep one cloth for wet and one cloth for dry.
This method should get your worktops shiny. This also works to get finger marks off. If you are finding that the solution is not coming off easily you might have too much soap, to fix this let it dry and then go back over it with water. This might take a couple of goes.

Cupboard Doors – Cupboard doors might not be the first thing you think about when you think of cleaning the kitchen. Depending on where they are in the kitchen, they don’t really get dirty, they do however get dusty and if your dusting them you might as well clean them.

• What you’ll need –
• Duster
• Spray bottle / bowl
• 2 clean cloths / kitchen towel
• Warm water
• Dish soap

• Method

– Dust all the doors
– Make up the same solution from the worktops
– Follow the same method as before
Cupboards are not made to be wet for a long time, make sure you are drying thoroughly. This will also work for the inside of the cupboards.

Appliance Doors – This method will work for all appliance doors or anything made of glass including your phone. Now you can buy products that are specially made for this; however, this is an easy method that can be made with things you have in the house. But stick with me because it’s a bit out there.
• What you’ll need –
• Vinegar
• Water
• Small bowl
• Spoon
• Microfiber Cloth

• Method
– Fill the bowl with equal parts water and vinegar
– Two teaspoons of each is probably enough
– Mix well
– Take one corner of the cloth and dip it into the solution
– Moving left to right across the appliance
– Take the dry corner and move in the same motion
– Do this until all the solution is dry.
I know it sounds odd, but this really does work and it won’t smell up the place. You will be shocked at how well this works.

Stainless Steel- This method isn’t necessarily for cleaning more for polishing but it will get the finger prints off. This is a very simple method but it will take time.
• What You’ll Need
– Baby oil
– Microfiber Cloth

• Method
– Put a small amount of baby oil on the cloth
– Work the oil into the steel
– That the dry section of the cloth and dry the oil
Tip for this one, take a light and shine it on the place you dried the oil this will help you see if you have got it all. It is important to make sure that it’s all off otherwise the oil will attract dust. Be careful not to get the oil on anything else.

There you have it, a couple of easy methods only using things that are around the house. I hope that you have found this post helpful. If you have any other methods for cleaning your kitchens, I’d love to hear them. Thank you for taking the time to read this post. If you have anything, you’d like us to talk about next please let us know.

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