Storage Solutions

Storage is something that plagues all of our lives. From the moment we are all old enough to want to keep things, storage has been a problem. And in no room is that more present than the kitchen. Even if you are like me and find cooking to be an all-round stressful experience, that experience is made worse by the lack of storage in any kitchen. From having to keep your tins in a box in the dining room to putting pans outside your back door, if you do not have storage your kitchen is really not functional.

We know that each person will use their kitchen differently. Bakers need space to keep flower, sugar, and decoration accessories. Someone who enjoys dinner parties needs something flashy to show their guests. Big families need the space to keep enough food. If you are short, it needs to be low down if your tall high up. Like all humans all kitchens are different.

So, what’s the solution? Well just as all kitchens are different, so are the solutions. Pull out bins can be used for more than just trash. They can keep more flower than you think and a deep draw with inserts is great for keeping accessories. A magic corner will always be a great talking point for anyone who wants to show off their new kitchen. In low of a pantry, tall larder cupboards are a great way to store food and keep it organized for families to use. Wall units above microwaves are great for tall people and keeping things away from small hands, low units are great if you can’t reach up high.

These are juts some of the examples of ways to put storage into your kitchen. We at F&D love a challenge, whether it’s an odd, shaped room or a small space we love to find the solution for you. After all it’s in our name.

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