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Storage Solutions

By molly | Sep 3, 2020

Storage is something that plagues all of our lives. From the moment we are all old enough to want to keep things, storage has been a problem. And in no room is that more present than the kitchen. Even if you are like me and find cooking to be an all-round stressful experience, that experience […]

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Home Made Cleaning Tips

By fdkitchensolutions | Mar 31, 2020

We reader are in odd times, never before have we experienced something like this in our lives (well not in mine anyway). And within these odd times a lot of us will be working from home and if you are anything like me you will want to be moving and doing something while you wait […]

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By molly | Mar 12, 2020

Welcome to the F&D Kitchen Solutions blog! Blogs seems to be all the range right now. Everyone is doing it and because we don’t want to be left behind or left out, I thought I’d better give it ago. But what does a kitchen company write a blog about? Well, this is a question I’ve […]

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