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Appliances are the workhorses of your kitchen. Together, they will add up to about nine percent of your kitchen budget. This figure is surprisingly low, considering the technological advances and energy efficiencies today's appliances offer. While features and performance are obviously the most important considerations in choosing appliances, how they'll look in your kitchen probably matters to you, too.


With so many available style, feature, quality and technology options, selecting the best appliances for your new or remodeled kitchen can be overwhelming, even if you're working with a design or building professional. Creating a design plan and conducting informed appliance research before you start shopping can ensure that you create a stylish, functional kitchen for your family and lifestyle while remaining on budget.

Whether you’re working with an existing kitchen layout for which you need replacement appliances, remodeling to change your current design or creating your dream kitchen as part of a new construction project, the layout of your kitchen dictates a lot about the appliances you’ll need to purchase. Be sure to consider how you use your kitchen and the flow and traffic patterns it creates with adjoining rooms, as well as any architectural or structural constraints. Take a look at Common Kitchen Layouts for tips and insights on space planning — the layout you choose can either enhance or limit the types and sizes of appliances that can be accommodated.


We have trained our designers to advise and supply the latest technology and have developed unique relationships with the leading manufacturers to give you the ultimate choice in kitchen appliances.

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